Thursday, 16 February 2012

MBH Architects SA opt for Green Roofs

MBH Architects, have opted for Green Roofs over the office components of a proposed new factory development in Lanseria Corporate Estate, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa, and lawn filled paving blocks in the small vehicle parkade areas.
The green roofs, will aid by better insulating the roof slab, thereby effectively reducing energy consumption, specifically pertaining to HVAC equipment, and especially during the summer months.
It will also aid in reducing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) factor, as the lawn and foliage on the roof slabs, will absorb solar radiation, as opposed to re-radiating it into the immediate surrounding environment and will so doing reduce the ambient air temperature around the site substantially during summer. The lawn filled pavers will have the exact same effect.
As the estate incorporates a grey water attenuation pond, the lawn filled pavers, will aid by absorbing and draining rain water into perforated pipes underneath the parkades, which will filter via a grey water connection into the estate's grey water reticulation system and into the attenuation pond, to be utilised for irrigation, amongst other uses.

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